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1/2 Day: $70.00

1 Day: $100.00

Full Suspension E-Bike 

Welcome to the future.   E-bikes allow for nearly effortless power to climb with traction to grip every twist & turn.

*Note: Riders must be 21 years old or older* 


  • 27.5" wheels & grippy mid fat tires for maximum traction on trail. 
  • 130mm travel front & rear.  
  • This bike features a "best in class" 500 W Bosch performance mid-mount motor. 
  • Pedal assist.
  • Advantageous for inexperienced riders as it extends the range that they are able to ride. 

Available Models:

Raleigh Kodiak IE

Not for use on Forest Service "non motorized" trails.  Ask for details in the store



1/2 Day: $50.00

1 Day: $80.00

E-Cruiser Bike 

The definition of taking it easy!  This e-bike is ideal for cruising around town or on mellow dirt roads.  No more huffing & puffing just sit back & take in the view.

* Note: Riders for E-Bikes must be 21 years old or older. *


  • Traditional 26" hybrid wheel 
    perfectly suited for Fraser River Trail riding. 
  • Front suspension fork 
  • Cushy suspension seat post. 
  • Pedal assist.
  • 8 Speed
  • Comfortable upright riding position
  • Rear Hub Mount 500 W Motor

Available Model: 
Magnum Metro 


Full Suspension

1/2 Day: $45.00

1 Day: $60.00

24 Hour Rental: $80.00

Multi Day: $60.00

For those that demand the best, these high performance bikes give you the most responsive, engaging & stable cross country ride.   Our full suspension mountain bikes feature a 27.5" wheel, the current industry standard. This wheel size rolls easier than a traditional 26" wheel and is more manuverable with a smoother ride than a 29" wheel.  A hydraulic seat with on the fly adjust is also included.  Full suspension bikes have a 1x11 drive train.

Available Models:
Diamondback Release II, Diamondback Option, Jamis Dakar XTC, Jamis Dakar XTC Comp

Note: These Full Suspension bike are designed for Cross Country riding only. NOT FOR USE IN THE TRESSEL DOWNHILL PARK


Front Suspension

1/2 Day: $30.00

1 Day: $45.00

24 Hour Rental: $60.00

Multi Day: $40.00

With a 1x11 Drivetrain front suspension bikes are perfect for conquering all of our great cross country trails (not for downhill). Like the full suspension, the majority of our hard tails feature the 27.5" wheel size, however a 29" model is available upon request!

Available rental bikes:

Diamondback Sync'r, Diamondback Overdrive 27.5 Pro, Diamondback Lux, Diamondback Overdrive 29er, Jamis Nemesis Comp, Jamis Dragon Slayer (Plus Bike)



1/2 Day: $25.00

1 Day: $35.00

24 Hour Rental: $45.00

Multi Day: $35.00

These 21 speed bikes are great for getting around town or cruising the Fraser River Trail. They also handle well for mellow scenic riding on dirt roads.


Kids Bikes

1/2 Day: $20.00

1 Day: $25.00

24 Hour Rental: $30.00

Multi Day: $25.00


Trailers & Trail-A-Bike

1/2 Day: $20.00

1 Day: $25.00

24 Hour Rental: $30.00

Multi Day: $25.00

Trailers & half bikes that attach to yours are a great option for kids too young to ride or those who are just learning.